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Mechatronics is multidisciplinary systems engineering for the 21st century.  This certificate program is an online program for companies who want to achieve a real competitive advantage in the global economy through superior engineering practice and better integration and collaboration with suppliers and customers. It will empower practicing engineers to significantly elevate their skill level with immediate tangible results to compete in the global economy.  Traditional engineering skills and information are commodities today.

This program is designed to exceed fundamental skills, with an integration of rigorous theory and best industry practice, to enhance engineering practice for companies competing to solve society’s most urgent problems and for engineers presently working in the trenches.  Human-centered, model-based multidisciplinary design, grounded in mathematics and physics, is the key.

Twelve integrated modules, supported by multidisciplinary case studies, cover the essential areas of multidisciplinary system design.  This program is designed to be completed on-line in 12 months (one module per month).  But it is much more than traditional on-line programs for several reasons: module integration sequence, multidisciplinary case studies, live contact through weekly two-hour, question-and-answer sessions via the internet, and monthly, half-day, end-of-module, on-site summary and laboratory hardware sessions which can be participated in remotely, if necessary.

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